Every writer could use a second set of eyes on their work before it goes out into the world, whether that’s to a traditional publisher or agent or as a self-published book.

Brad knows grammar and conventions. As an experienced college and high school language teacher with a masters degree in English and Creative Writing, Brad is the perfect choice to give your work the once-over it needs.

What kind of editing does Brad do? 

Level 1: Proofreading is when the editor checks grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, verb-tense consistency, pronouns, spacing, and formatting consistency.  This does not involve radical changes to your sentences, words, or story. It is the final step before your story goes out as a professional piece of writing. This is the most common editing service that Brad offers. While every project is different, expect to pay about $4 per page for this service. Email Brad with details about your project and he’ll get back to you about price, timeframe, and availability. Brad can proofread anything from a professional business letter to a full-length novel.

Level 2: Copy editing includes proofreading, but also looks at whether the writing is clear, correct, concise, complete, and consistent. Sentence length and paragraph structure may be adjusted, redundant words eliminated,  weak words substituted for stronger ones, and other textual changes made. Noticeable changes will be made to your writing and you should be prepared to review the changes to ensure you are happy with them. As a writer himself, Brad rarely takes on projects at this level because they can take away from the time needed for his own writing, but he does make exceptions. Send him an email with details about your project and the extent of copy editing you are looking for and he’ll get back to you with his availability.

Level 3: Substantive editing (sometimes called story-editing) involves rewriting major portions of your document. This type of editing has more to do with reorganizing the structure, themes, and characters of your story. Depending on how involved the editor is, it can feel almost like co-writing a story. Substantive editing is time-consuming and expensive. If this is the kind of editing you are looking for, Brad can recommend some great editors, but he does not take on these projects at this time.