Every month, one podcast listener’s manuscript is chosen for a free 2-3 page critique and review! It’s a great chance to get a fresh perspective on your writing, see what you’re doing well, and explore areas that could be strengthened. Brad critiques the manuscript in a real-time video recording to share in the Writer’s Room on the website. Other listeners can chime in with their comments and feedback as well.

This used to be an exclusive opportunity available only to members of the Patreon Team, but is now open to all listener’s of the show! All you have to do is email the section of your manuscript that you’d like to have critiqued to One manuscript will be chosen at random per month.

At this time there is no compensation if your manuscript excerpt is selected for the show, but our listeners who’ve had the opportunity to get their work critique have found it a very valuable and rewarding experience.

If you’re nervous about putting your name out there, we can also keep it anonymous, but you are welcome to use this as an opportunity to promote your Twitter handle, website, or other books and products you might have available.

We’re looking forward to reading your submissions!

(If you find value in our Writer’s Room video, please consider becoming part of the Patreon Team to help keep the show up and running!)



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